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So What is "The Core" Anyway?

Do you want to be more active, improve your posture, reduce back pain, or raise your athletic performance to a new level? To help you reach your goals safely and effectively, you should first stabilize your spine by strengthening your "Core." 

These days everyone is throwing around the term "The Core", but what is it? "The Core" is the center of power, stability and balance in our bodies, and it's not where you may think it is. I always ask new clients where they think "The Core" is and they often point to their upper abdominals, the pretty "six pack" muscles known as the Rectus Abdominis. Those muscles may be gorgeous, but they do not stabilize the spine. This is why it is not uncommon to have beautiful bathing suit or washboard abs and still have a sore back.pilatesanyway

"The Core" is actually made up of the Diaphragm on the top (our powerful breathing muscle located right below the lungs), the Pelvic Floor on the bottom (the muscles that support the internal organs), the Transverse Abdominis (the deep, corset-like abdominal muscle that cinches the waist when it is engaged), and the Multifidi (the tiny finger-like muscles that stabilize the individual vertebrae of the spine). These four muscle groups are the center (or core) of stability for our spine, and must work together in partnership to keep the spine stable, healthy and happy. Together these four muscle groups are like a soda can: If all sides are strong, it is difficult to crush. But put one small dent in any side of the can, and it loses its overall stability, strength, and integrity.

Whatever your goals, to be safe and successful, start with "The Core" first and build outwards.