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Debbie G. - September Client of the Month

"I'll be doing Pilates for Life!" 
- Debbie G.

Debbie G. started classes at Aspire six months ago. As a martial artist and avid skier, she's always had an active lifestyle. While skiing eighteen years ago, she fell off a twenty five foot cliff and landed seat first on a boulder. After five ski patrollers successfully lowered her off of the mountain by gurney, she suffered a few harrowing hours of waist down paralysis. Thankfully, Debbie's movement returned, but she never felt quite like her old self after the accident. 

Debbie was plagued over the years by never ending bouts of hip, back and shoulder pain. 

"As I got older, my body started locking up on me. I had really lost my flexibility and I always hurt so badly. I had trouble getting out of bed and standing up again after sitting. Movement was very painful and the pain made me unhappy, moody and tired. I felt like I was becoming a miserable person." 

Debbie knew that she wanted to be able to live her active life style and knew that she wanted to address her pain, "But I had no idea that it was really possible. What was happening to my body was scary because I'm only in my 50's, not 90!" A friend suggested that she try Pilates. Debbie says that she saw a new world of possibilities when she visited Aspire and watched Tonya working with "a vivacious, 80 year old client in such great shape". 

Debbie began taking group classes twice a week and within a few weeks felt a decrease in her pain level. Within a few more weeks, she noticed an increase in her flexibility. She also realized that how she moved in her daily life was changing.

"I've always used a stick to close the drapes because I had trouble reaching the top near the rod. Now I can touch the very top, and I don't even have to stand on my tippy toes to close them. And I knew that something was very different the day that I could balance with one foot on the edge of the tub and reach my toes to put on lotion."

Since starting to feel better, Debbie is back in full swing training in Aikido. She also has noticed major changes in her outlook on life.

"All of a sudden, I noticed that my happy go lucky attitude was back and I was starting to enjoy life again. I'm more consistently in a good mood and I catch myself whistling, which I haven't done in years. I'm thrilled to know that my bad moods and unhappiness were not who I was becoming, but were due to pain. I am so grateful to Aspire Pilates Center for helping me get this back".


Debbie at Hikari Dojo in Martinez, CA.

Debbie continues to get stronger, more flexible and more balanced everyday. Her body mechanics are becoming healthier and her pain level gets lower and lower. She might never get back to her 30 something self who fell off the cliff that day, but she is definitely taking her body and mind to a new place.

Recently, Debbie reminded me of how excited she was when she saw the 80 year old, energetic client her first day in the studio, and excitedly stated: "I'll be doing Pilates for life!"