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Client of the Month: Lena C.

Lena is ninety-four years young.  She is Aspire's oldest client and is a jaw-dropping inspiration to people a third of her age. Consistently cheery, energetic, and positive, her strength and balance have dramatically increased in the past year.  She's the matriarch of a beautiful family who has made Pilates a part of their lives.  We are honored to teach two of her grandchildren who love the challenge of physical training: Shannon, an energetic, talented 17 year old dancer and Curtis, a hard working, self described "sports fanatic".  We also love working with Loretta: Lena's strong, supportive, and compassionate daughter. This is three generations at Aspire, and we're having so much fun!


lenaLena began at Aspire a year ago with back, knee and shoulder pain.   She had been taking John Muir's balancing class for several years, so she was excited to "up" her level of fitness by adding Pilates to her lifestyle.  I quickly saw that Lena absolutely embraces life and never lets discomfort in her body slow her down. "There's no need to complain and sit around being a grouchy old lady,"  Says Lena. " It's better to get out and do things".  We started slowly and carefully, beginning by strengthening the muscles that would decrease her joint pain and help prevent falls.   After a few weeks, her pain level decreased as her strength, flexibility and balance increased.  She soon began exclaiming, "I tell you, I have no pain!"    


After six months at Aspire, Lena added exercising with a neighborhood personal trainer to her fitness regimen.  Now working out four days a week with Pilates, Balancing Class, Personal Training, and doing homework with resistance bands, she's made a fantastic improvement with her strength, balance and comfort in her body.   She feels strong and accomplished.



lena-2All my clients know that my ex-professional dancer self suffers greatly when teaching at 9:00am.   As I whimper and drag myself out of bed to my shrieking alarm, my misery quickly turns to a smile when I realize that it's a "Lena morning."  Simply put, this walking ball of joy is the best part of my week.  Her huge smile, firm hugs, and exuberance for life awe and inspire me.  


Lots of love, Lena.  To many more beautiful moments of hugs, smiles, and outrageously silly Conga line dances!