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Sneak Some Fitness into Your Holidays




"The most wonderful time of the year" is upon us. Twinkling lights, office parties, family fun, and expectations of joy and merriment abound. Children wait breathlessly for the holidays, while adults often experience a mixture of excitement, feeling overwhelmed and melancholy.




With all our big plans for fun, we know that we should take care of ourselves during this whirlwind time. But we soon get discouraged and often give up, opting instead to "take care of myself in January." But,with a little strategy, you can have an outrageous holiday season while mitigating stress and depression.




Live in comfortable shoes so that you can take advantage of using your body physically at any moment. Instead of driving around in circles for that perfect spot at the mall, park at the far end of the parking lot and enjoy a little cardio. Use the stairs versus the elevator.




While traveling by air, carry your own bags to do some strength training. Avoid the moving walkways. Stretch, do isometric exercises and practice deep breathing while at the gate. If you get stranded waiting for your plane, you may as well take advantage of it and take a brisk walk around the terminal. You will feel great and your stress level will certainly drop.




Workout before going to stressful family meals.This will help with nervous eating, as well as your ability to cope with those "interesting" conversations.




Walk with your family to see the neighborhood lights. Avoiding the car can give you a great time of family bonding while establishing a tradition of holidayexercise.




And while you're at it, get a massage and enjoy a hot bath!



Socializing and eating questionable food is part of the fun of the holidays. Sneaking in a bit of exercise will keep your energy up, your stress level down and your waist line in check. You can then begin January with high energy, a great sense of accomplishment, and ready to make 2012 a fantastic year.