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Gotta' Love Pilates, it Makes Golfers Great!


Who says that golfers aren't athletes?

Most of us agree that basketball players, gymnasts, swimmers, and even professional dancers are athletes. It's expected that serious athletes approach their sport with serious physical conditioning to compete well. Whether it's traditional weightlifting and stretching regimens, to more progressive workouts found in Pilates or yoga, athletes know that they must build strength, flexibility and balance if they are to play well, avoid injury, and gain an edge over their competition.

So what about golf? As golf is often seen as a kinder, gentler, social activity, many people start playing as older adults or casually on weekends, and overlook training their bodies for high level athletics. But because of the percussive force and rotational torque through the body, the golf swing requires a high level of athleticism to be effective and sustainable. How are players able to produce more driving power and minimize the impact on their joints year after year? By building a finely tuned physical instrument armed with Core strength, flexibility, balance, and healthy body mechanics.

Strengthening the Core (the deep muscles that create stability in the spine and pelvis) gives us untapped power, explosiveness, and helps protect us from injury. Improving flexibility helps our range of motion, creates an ease of movement, and the ability to distribute force more uniformly throughout the body, which prevents us from over taxing joints in areas such as the shoulders and lower back. Balance and healthy body mechanics help build a smooth and consistent swing with less effort. And a well designed golf conditioning program not only helps your game improve and speeds recovery after long weekends on the green, but enhances your daily life with more energy and fewer aches and pains.

So if you want great club head speed, a smoother swing, longer drives, and faster recovery time, tap into your inner athlete. Regardless of your age or fitness level, by taking your conditioning to the next level, you can improve your handicap while improving the overall quality of your life.

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