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Posture is More Than Just Looking Good!

How many times as a child did your mom tell you to "sit up straight" or "fix your posture"? Posture may bring to mind the lady in etiquette school walking with a book on her head or the soldier with his shoulders thrust back and chest stuck out. But good posture (aka "good alignment") is simply the place where all of our joints line up. It's a plumb line that runs through the body, which when found, gives us an ease of movement with a minimum of effort or strain.



Our posture is often determined by our physical habits combined with the long term effects of gravity on our bodies. How we hold a pen, carry our purse, sit at a computer, hold the wheel of the car, or walk in heels all have an affect on our posture.

Good posture makes us look healthy, confident, graceful, self- assured, proud and ready to take on the world. In fact, good posture can even make us feel better because proper alignment can improve circulation and optimize our breathing.

Poor posture can make us look shy, intimidated, depressed, insecure or weak. It also can lead to chronic back pain and negatively affects our balance, breathing, energy, strength, and flexibility.

So how do you achieve and maintain good posture? Start by building a strong Core. Core strength builds our alignment from the inside out. It facilitates good body mechanics and better weight distribution through all of our joints, which prevents long term wear and tear and injury. Core strength also helps our bodies counteract the forces of gravity, making us feel lighter and more in control. 

What's the most effective way to build core strength? You guessed it... Pilates!

Improving your posture is a lot easier than you think. With the right combination of exercises, changes can be seen rather quickly. If your posture is already fabulous, then send a huge "Thank you" to your Mom... or your Pilates teacher!