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What is Pilates Anyway? (It's not what you see on TV!)

J_pilateswhatPilates is a powerful whole body conditioning system that builds incredible strength, flexibility, balance and coordination. The system was invented by Joseph and Clara Pilates during the the first three decades of the 20th century.

Joseph Pilates 
circa 1920

Why is the method created by Joseph & Clara Pilates so powerful?

Pilates is profoundly effective because it begins by focusing on the deep core muscles and then progressing outwards as the deeper muscles get stronger. We build our foundation from the inside out, versus many other forms of exercise that work our extremities too soon, while crushing inwards on an unstable spine. 

Another key to the effectiveness of Pilates is its emphasis on the use of slow, smooth, precise repetitions where each movement has a solid intention and focus. With Pilates, 5 repetitions done correctly is much more effective than 100 done incorrectly. This approach re-programs our often faulty body mechanics while strengthening new and beneficial patterns of movement.

What is the Core?
"The Core", is the center of power, stability and balance in our bodies. Made up of four, deep muscle groups (the Diaphragm, Pelvic Floor, Transverse Abdominis, & Multifidi),"The Core" works to keep the spine stable, healthy and happy. 

What kind of results can I expect from Pilates?

Well trained Pilates teachers routinely see the following results with students of all ages and body types:

  • Back & joint pain disappears
  • Athletes exceed their personal bests
  • Seniors with balance challenges stop falling & become more active
  • Pregnant women carry their babies nine months with little or no back pain
  • People's posture improves, endurance increases & self confidence goes through the roof

The bottom line: Pilates creates a self empowering sense of body awareness & helps develop an incredibly strong,flexible & wonderfully balanced body that defies injury.