We've Closed Our Concord Space. 

Tropical Pilates Retreat - March 9-16th!

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Exercise is important at any age, but is imperative for us as we age.  Strength, flexibility and balance are central tenets of Pilates and the work directly addresses posture and alignment.  This translates into a decrease of back and joint pain, less stress on Osteoporotic bones, a strong increase in balance, as well as more energy and a spike in self confidence.   Exercise can also help with depression and anxiety and gives us an overall sense of well being. 


Aspire’s seniors regularly enjoy:                                        


Increased Balance, Strength & Flexibility

Reduced Back & Joint Pain

Improved Bladder Control

Better Posture

More Self/Body Awareness & Confidence

Increased Energy & More Focused Mind






"I love coming here!  I come here and always have a lot of fun.  And I tell you, I have no pain!"


94 Year Young Lena C., Aspire Client of the Month