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Tropical Pilates Retreat - March 9-16th!

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For over 80 years, Pilates has been the dance world’s little secret for a long and successful career.  Aspire Pilates Center is unique, as Tonya danced professionally for 15 years in New York City.  We know what it takes to build a beautiful and healthy dancer.   Our program is designed to maximize your dance potential by developing unprecedented strength, flexibility and balance, while learning healthy body mechanics and self care techniques to prevent or recover faster after injury.   You will raise your performance both in the studio and on the stage.




"Tonya really bridges the gap between Pilates and dance. She has a fabulous way of addressing a dancer’s needs. ...She really understands what I need to prolong my dance career, helps me stay strong against injury, and keeps my extension gorgeous and pain-free."   -Mindy Haywood, “Stomp” Off Broadway & Metropolitan Opera, New York, NY





Pilates Helps You:

  • Improve Placement & Line

  • Raise Your Extension

  • Increase Turnout

  • Improve Ballon

  • Prevent Injury