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Remember when we were kids and we had to walk to school "uphill, both ways"?

smart exersise picRemember when we were kids and we had to walk to school "uphill, both ways"?  We played Hide and Go Seek, Freeze Tag, and climbed trees?  Those daily physical activities were brain builders and we didn't even know it.    Science is discovering that routine exercise makes our brains more powerful in general, and same day exercise sets us up for success that day.  That means that kids who workout before school have a huge jump start on learning.
Just as exercise builds stronger muscles, it also builds stronger brains.   It increases oxygen and nutrient-rich blood flow throughout the body (including the brain), which creates healthier tissues.   And it seems that through the production of brain bolstering proteins, exercise actually helps produce new brain cells and creates new neurological connections that translate to other activities.  


This means that an exercised body equals a brain primed for success.  Studies show that kids who workout right before school perform better cognitively, have significant improvement in both math and language skills, problem solve better, have a longer attention span, improved memory, and process information faster.  They are also better behaved and less fidgety in class, have more motivation and confidence, have less anxiety and stress, and are in a better mood; all of which impact classroom performance.  And because exercise is brain building, it allows adults to learn better while delaying the cognitive decline that accompanies aging.


So exercise routinely to build muscular strength and long term brain power.   Super charge your brain by exercising the morning that you need to ace that school quiz or nail that work presentation.   And make your kids walk to school "uphill, both ways" (or at least, jog around the back yard).  It sets them up for academic success.