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Health is Wealth


WEALTH WEALTH BLOG PICThe holiday season is full of fun, delicious food, and hanging out with friends and family.  We may have the of best of intentions to exercise and watch our budget in December, but our goals quickly depart with the sparkly lights, chocolate, and champagne.  During all of the fabulous festivities, we often stop working out and create a mountain of gift wrapped debt.  After witnessing our bodies and finances spiraling out of control in December, January ushers in the post-holiday blues of needing to "fix" whatever is not right in our life.

Want a tactic to cut down on your holiday spending, while increasing your physical activity?  "Dollars For Workout Minutes" is a way to link your gift spending with how much you exercise.  Start by assigning a dollar amount with a minute of exercise.   For example,  "For each dollar that I spend on gifts, I will workout for one minute."  That means that a twenty dollar holiday gift needs twenty minutes of exercise, while a fifty dollar gift needs fifty minutes.  Track your purchases while shopping so that you know how much workout time you've earned.   If you're mall shopping, much of a purchase may have already been paid off in exercise, as you possibly walked for forty five minutes to find that perfect gift.  If you're internet shopping, you will be more cautious before hitting "purchase" and will escape your chair to get your heart rate up.

"Dollars For Workout Minutes" will help keep an eye on both your waistline and your pocketbook during times of frenzy.   You'll minimize impulse buys, choose your gifts wisely, and be encouraged to move your body.   And come January, it won't take months and months to get back on physical and financial track.


Linking your finances with your fitness will help you discover that your health truly is your wealth.  Happy Holidays!