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Client of the Month : JULY


Jack L. Client of the Month - July 

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Jack came to Aspire a year ago with horrible hip and knee pain.  His face was grimaced in agony, he had hunched over posture, and limped laboriously into the studio.  His hand was firmly planted in front of his right hip, as if trying to protect it.   His pain and stiffness was so great that he used a special tool to help him get his socks on in the morning.  


A true skeptic, Jack admitted that his daughter who loved Pilates so much that she decided to become certified, had forced him to come. (He later also admitted that he thought that I had made up the website testimonials, as there was no way that exercise could help so many people with pain.)  Qualified by his doctor as a candidate for two hip knee replacement surgeries, the doctor told him that they could operate whenever he could no longer stand the pain.


We began very slowly and carefully so that Jack's pain would not increase while working out.  We started by strengthening his Core, then began working on the strength, flexibility, and balance of the muscles that support the hip and knees. By working the postural muscles of the upper back, we slowly started "uncurling" him, which enabled him to stand up straight.  Add this work to an intense focus on improving his body mechanics, and Jack was surprised that he was soon able to participate fully in life.  



Jack worked very hard and was consistently surprised that small, subtle movements could bring about such fast improvement in the pain level of his arthritic joints.  He enthusiastically increased his physical activity level as he began feeling better and better.  Known in his neighborhood as a super-friendly person who invests lots of time supporting local kids, he walked into Aspire one day totally amazed. The neighborhood kids were excited that he had "finally had a hip replacement".  They danced around him imitating his "before and after" walk; hunched over limping, then upright, smooth walking.  His look of amazement was priceless when he said, "Tonya, I haven't had my hip replacement, it's the Pilates".



Jack's new strength, flexibility, balance and new body mechanics have gone a long way to improve the quality of his life.  "I've avoided surgery for the time being.  I have a new lease on life".  He recently started cycling, bought a tennis racket, and is now going toe to toe with the neighborhood kids on both the basketball and tennis courts.   


I feel so lucky to be able to watch Jack's incredible transformation. A truly kind man, his big heart is evident in how he treats everyone around him.  Best of luck, Jack!  To many more years of taking the kids to the hoop


Other quotes by Jack:

"In less than a year, I have gone from experiencing debilitating pain most of the time, to occasional, moderate pain.  And my posture is now as it should be". - Jack L.


"I never thought that I'd be playing tennis or cycling, let alone jogging ever again". - Jack L. 


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