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April Client of the Month! - Chrissy J.!

"My husband said that my shoulders don't slouch over like they used to. I definitely have better posture". - Chrissy J.

chrissy1Chrissy called Aspire one day, excited to be pregnant with her first baby, but a bit intimidated to take Pilates. She knew that she wanted to do something to improve her pregnancy, because she was already feeling the changes at 14 weeks. Her exhausting commute caused her body to ache all over, and she had severe back and leg pain. 

Chrissy had heard that Pilates could be great for pregnant women, but was a bit reluctant to start. She had not worked out much for years and was afraid that classes might be too strenuous for her. But once her doctors assured her that Pilates would help improve her overall pre-natal health and could even make her delivery easier, she jumped right in and started taking class. 

"I was having pain down my right leg and I could barely lift up my leg because it hurt so much. Tonya customized all of the exercises for me and has been very gentle throughout the pregnancy". - Chrissy J.

It's never too late to start! Chrissy started Pilates at 18 weeks. Our first step was to design a program that was safe for her pregnancy as well as her back and leg pain. We worked on the mat for 3 weeks, then moved to the machines and mixed in a few release classes. 

"I'm in Open Reformer classes now and I hope to continue until delivery. I no longer have ANY leg pain and my back pain is very limited (which I now know how to decrease if I get uncomfortable after a long commute)." - Chrissy J.


With 5 months of training and a baby growing every day, Chrissy not only has more energy, less pain and is sleeping well, but her husband now complements her on her posture. We haven't seen Chrissy this week, so we can only assume that she has "popped". Good luck to you and your new family, Chrissy!!


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