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Ingrid R. - February 2009 Client of the Month!

Ingrid R. - "10 months later I am 80 pounds lighter and pain free."

I refer to Ingrid as "The Pilates Poster Child". Aspire clients refer to her as "The Incredible Shrinking Woman".

I met Ingrid R. a little over a year ago at a networking event. At the time, Ingrid was heavier than she wanted to be and her years of extra weight had taken a toll on her body and mind. She was in pain and wanting to turn her life around. She wished to: "Get in shape, to get back to my old self." 

We talked on the phone the next day and she began taking classes. Because Ingrid had joint pain exacerbated by weight that had haunted her for years, we were very careful and specific as we developed her program. 


Ingrid Before Pilates at Aspire Pilates Center

Ingrid R. - "I wanted to move fast and use a lot of weight, because I wanted to go for it." "But Tonya kept explaining that we needed to start out slowly to make sure that we were working correctly to strengthen the muscles that support the joints". "She was right, because about a month into classes my joint pain went away". 

Ingrid R. - "I love this stuff!! I can't get enough!" Initially taking class twice a week, Ingrid soon increased to four Reformer classes a week. Sometimes, if there was an extra spot in the class after hers, she would stay and take that one as well! Once Ingrid had developed a solid understanding of Pilates technique and a better sense of healthy body mechanics, I urged her to start walking around the block at lunch to get cardiovascular work into her program. (She was initially enthralled with water aerobics, but it had since then gotten too cold to swim).

Ingrid R. - "Tonya would call me and say, 'Did you walk around the block yet? Get up and walk, you'll be so glad that you did!' Almost 2 weeks later I was addicted to my daily walk. I started paying attention to my diet and chose healthier food choices. But I never deprived myself. 10 months later I am 80 pounds lighter and pain free.


Ingrid 15 months after starting at Aspire Pilates Center

As the owner of a Pilates studio, people often think that I'm exaggerating when I rave about the power of solid Pilates training. But I am constantly humbled and blown away by the transformational nature of this work, which is why I choose to teach it.

Ingrid R. - "It sometimes falls on deaf ears when you start raving about Pilates. If you haven't done it, you don't get it. When you see your body starting to transform, you can't believe it. You can't stop because it seems like every few weeks there is new change".

Ingrid was in pain, inactive and wanting to turn her life around. She worked hard and successfully "jump started" her body, mind and spirit. She then took her Pilates based skills, healthy body mechanics and new found strength and leveraged them with the rest of her life. Ingrid now enjoys going to the local gym at 4:00 a.m., walks three miles a day, spends weekends outdoors on her friend's boat,and is thinking about getting certified in Zumba (exercise/ dance) which she loves. She is even threatening to run a Marathon! Ingrid has done much more than rediscover her "old self". She has re-built herself from the inside out. To her health!


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