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Benefits of Pilates


Pilates is a whole body conditioning system. It was created over eighty years ago by German born fitness genius, Joseph H. Pilates with his wife, Clara, a nurse. An amazing body mind practice, Pilates builds incredible strength, flexibility, balance and coordination. Emphasizing breathing and concentration, the work creates a strong sense of body awareness, improves alignment, and addresses muscular imbalances. It is often referred to as a “no pain, lots of gain” form of fitness that is accessible to people of all fitness levels.








Pilates is a powerful whole body strengthening system which targets, not only the large, dominant muscles of the body, but the small stabilizing muscles as well. This teamwork between normally used and underused muscle groups triggers a previously untapped increase in strength, joint stability, and stamina.


  • Strengthen the center/ core (lower abdominals, small stabilizing back muscles, diaphragm and pelvic floor) to improve posture, combat back pain, improve power transfer through extremities, and improve bladder control.
  • Go about your daily activities with more ease: get in and out of our car with less effort, carry heavy groceries with less fatigue, and address imbalances caused by carrying a heavy bag or child on one side.
  • Enhance athletic performance. Boost explosiveness; enjoy more power with less work, increase elevation and endurance.








Pilates is an incredible system for developing flexibility. Using smooth, flowing movements, the muscles are gently and effectively lengthened. Every exercise has a built-in flexibility element, which encourages the muscles to re-pattern themselves in a dynamic and non-painful way. Students of all types often claim to feel longer, taller and more free in their bodies after just a few sessions.


  • Assists with healthy joint mechanics.
  • Helps prevent muscle injury.
  • Releases tension patterns in the body.














Pilates is an inspiring exercise method where balance is a key principal. Balance in the muscles develops strong, flexible, supple muscles that can accomplish a myriad of tasks. Balance in relation to gravity gives us agility, self awareness, and confidence to accomplish the tasks that we choose.


  • Imperative to prevent falls.
  • Allows for better movement efficiency.
  • Raises athletic performance to the next level.







Focus & Breath


Cooperation between the mind and body is a key Pilates principal. Every movement has intention and focus, which makes the exercises extremely effective. Every movement has a connection to breath, which helps focus the mind, as well as, oxygenate and energize the body.


  • Improves muscle function and endurance.
  • Decreases muscle tension.
  • Improves breath control for performing artists and public speakers.




Photo Credits:Joe. Z,  Skyler S., Antone N., Joanne A. , Tonya Amos