1485 Civic Ct., #1460
Concord, CA 94520

Team Taught by Tonya & Katelyn

Team Taught by Tonya & Katelyn instructs the following:
  • FOUNDATION - (Beginners) Mat & Reformer
  • A solid introduction to the benefits of Pilates. This course is designed to build strength, flexibility, and balance in the entire body. In just 8 weeks, you will build a solid foundation of healthy body mechanics and begin to strengthen your center/core muscles, improve whole body strength, flexibility and balance, address muscular imbalances and improve your posture. This class of just 6 students is small and individually focused, guaranteeing that you will get plenty of personal attention and individualized instruction. Beginning with 6 Mat classes, we start by strengthening the Core, raising awareness of our body and our own postural habits and imbalances, and learning healthy spinal mechanics. We then move on to 10 Reformer classes where we begin to build incredible stability, strength and flexibility in the feet, legs, arms, upper back and entire body. This workshop puts you on a solid path to a stronger, more functional, powerfully balanced body.
    Twice a week for 8 weeks (15 Classes).
    NO CLASS ON WEDS, 11/22/17 

    Cost: $495
    Payment Plan available. 

    No refunds as this is a closed class, Up to 4 make-ups OK with 24-Hour cancellation notice. ALL LEVELS welcome as exercises can be modified to suit student’s strength and coordination level.